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5 top tips for your first Veganuary



If you’ve been thinking about cutting back on animal products, or even going vegan full-time, then Veganuary is a great way to try it out without making a full commitment straight away.

The month-long challenge to eat a vegan diet for all of January has been gaining traction over the past few years as veganism becomes more popular. For some it can still be a daunting prospect, but we’re here to guide you through it.

  • Sign up on the Veganuary website

If you haven’t been on the Veganuary website yet, it’s definitely worth a visit. You’ll be able to sign up for 31 days of support emails which help introduce you to the world of veganism. It’s all free, so what are you waiting for? Sign up here.

  • Plan your meals

Like any change in lifestyle it can be tricky to adapt to being a vegan when you start out. To give yourself the best chance, plan your meals so you aren’t left worrying what to eat each day. Our delicious Pacific Rim Coconut Curry is a great way to kick-start your vegan menu, and there’s plenty more inspiration in our recipe pages.

  • Go on a vegan product hunt in your supermarket

Take extra time on your first trip to the supermarket to add vegan-friendly food to your everyday essentials. Dairy can be easily avoided with so many alternatives now available, from almond milk to, of course, Pure’s range of spreads.

  • Treat yourself to vegan goodies

Whether it’s chocolate, pizza or ice cream, we know that everyone has their favourite treat. Rest assured vegans still enjoy all these and more, with new vegan products being launched all the time. Try this gorgeous nutty ice cream or Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing’s popular sweet range, Candy Kittens. If baked goods make you weak at the knees, whip together our delicious flapjacks which bake perfectly with our new Perfect Baking (pick up a pack at your nearest Waitrose). It’s also worth checking out our recent blog on the Top 10 Surprising Vegan Treats for more inspiration.

  • Eat out

Many pubs and restaurants are now much more accommodating for vegans or those looking to enjoy a vegan meal as part of a flexitarian diet. No two vegan menus are created equal though, so it’s definitely worth looking at a selection of menus from local restaurants online before you set out. Dedicated vegan restaurants are also gaining popularity, so why not encourage your friends to give vegan food a try?

Visit Happy Cow’s website for vegan-friendly restaurants across the UK.