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Top tips for a dairy-free Easter at home

Get baking and enjoy some dairy-free Easter treats.

Milk chocolate. Butter-laden hot cross buns. Cakes and bakes galore.

On the face of things, Easter might not seem like the best time of year when you’re dairy-free. But things have definitely changed. There’s more and more exciting new dairy-free goodies on the shelves. And needless to say, dairy-free baking is a breeze with Pure Perfect Baking.

So strap in and liven up your quiet Easter at home with some dairy-free baked yumminess.


Hot cross buns

Toasted or not, a hot cross bun is an Easter favourite. If you find some in the supermarket then you’re in for a treat – most shop-bought hot cross buns are naturally dairy-free. Hooray! Cover in your Pure spread of choice and you’re onto a winner.

Just take care with some of the fancier hot cross buns which come in more unusual flavours, like raspberry and white chocolate or chocolate chip – you’ll need to steer clear of those.

If you fancy getting creative in the kitchen and making your own hot cross buns this Easter, why not try these dairy-free beauties? They’re made with Pure Perfect Baking, of course, to give them a deliciously light and fluffy texture. You’ll get top marks if you can get the crosses to all line up on the wreath!


Traditional simnel cake

It seems that no matter what the time of year, there’s a fruit cake to match. Simnel cake is another Easter classic.

This dairy-free version from Let’s Eat Smart looks delicious and is really easy to do. It’s also perfect if you’re in need of something to keep you amused during lockdown for a couple of hours and can’t face baking yet another banana bread. (If you do want to do another one of those though, we’ve got a lovely Banana Loaf recipe which you can try).



If you fancy a dessert over Easter weekend, and why not, then why not try our Apple Crumble Tart recipe? It takes the humble crumble to another level. Use any Pure spread of your choice but Perfect Baking for the pastry will give the best results.

Our Jammy Tarts are also a winner for the whole family. Quick and simple with a fun surprise ingredient to make the pastry, they’ll add some colour to an Easter tea at home.


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