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Dairy-free myths busted

If you’ve just been diagnosed with a dairy or lactose allergy, or you’re looking to cut-out dairy but are worried about how it will affect you, then this is the blog for you!

We’ve explored some of the most common misconceptions about being dairy-free. We’d love to know if you’ve got any more – share your experiences of first living without dairy on our social channels. You can join us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

You won’t be able to eat anything

It might feel like this at first as dairy is in a lot of different foods but please don’t worry. There are plenty of naturally dairy-free foods out there, an ever-increasing number of dairy-free products, and thousands of dairy-free recipes online to make cooking a breeze.

Our blog on Top 10 Surprising Vegan Foods is a great place to start for quick dairy-free wins.

If you’re ready to venture into the kitchen our easy mushroom risotto recipe will keep hunger pangs well at bay. For a super simple sweet treat, try our popular dairy-free flapjacks recipe.

You’ll be calcium deficient

You’ll probably get told by lots of people that without dairy, you’re going to be deficient in calcium. It’s true, dairy is a good source of calcium, but hey – so are lots of other foods! Green veggies such as broccoli and cabbage, soya beans, nuts, anything made with fortified flour such as bread, and fish such as sardines and pilchards all pack a calcium punch. As with anything – a balanced diet is all you need.

Eating out is impossible

This might have been true a few years ago, but restaurants, pubs and cafes have woken up to dietary requirements, and rightly so. It is estimated 2 million people are living with a diagnosed food allergy in the UK, and that doesn’t even factor in those yet to be diagnosed or choosing to cut it out. We’d always advocate doing a bit of research before going anywhere to see how well you’ll be catered for, but a call or chat with the team on arrival will more often than not be surprisingly fruitful.

Even the dairy-feast that is an afternoon tea is not off the cards. Most places will have sumptuous dairy-free alternatives available, even if it’s not on the menu. Just be sure to ask.

Everything will be flavourless

Categorically not true! We passionately believe that good, healthy food, does not need to be flavourless. We’ve recently launched Pure Buttery Taste – the perfect spread for swapping out dairy in your diet without losing that creamy taste.

Supermarkets and restaurants are bending over themselves to create delicious food, free from dairy and other allergens. With the number of vegans in the UK quadrupling between 2014 and 2019, the number of vegan products has also significantly increased – in fact, in 2018 the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation.

You’re going to lose weight

Whatever your reason for giving up dairy, a common misconception is that without it you will lose weight. Whilst you won’t be eating high-fat creamy products, some dairy-free alternatives will instead have surprisingly high sugar contents, so always keep an eye on the labels. Rest assured – Pure spreads have neither high saturated fat or a significant sugar content, so swapping your butter for Pure won’t be a cause for concern.