How to improve your dairy-free baking

You don’t need butter to whisk up a showstopper

The Great British Bake Off is back and we’ve got the answer to flawless dairy-free bakes with new Pure Perfect Baking – find out more.

Ah, it’s that time of year again – the return of the ultimate comfort TV, The Great British Bake Off. If Paul and Prue have inspired you to bake more but you’re worried your dairy-free baking won’t be up to scratch, we have excellent news.

Brand new Pure Perfect Baking is here to save the day, or more precisely, your bake.

Boasting all the wonderful things we’re very proud of in the Pure range – a dairy-free spread with no ‘nasties’, and minimal, simple ingredients, Pure Perfect Baking does more than the rest of our Pure family. As a butter replacement, Pure Perfect Baking makes delicious dairy-free cakes and bakes, just like the Victoria Sponge above.

Pure Perfect Baking joins our range thanks to the Pure team’s tireless efforts to develop a dairy-free baking product that is just perfect. After much cake consumed, we’re pleased as punch to say we’ve nailed it. Buttery taste, perfectly risen sponges and fluffy buttercream, it works a treat for all your treats, without a hint of dairy in sight.

Try it out with some of our most popular recipes. If you’d like to try out the Victoria Sponge pictured above, then simply multiply the ingredients by 1 ½ using our delicious Butterfly Cakes recipe. Alternatively, why not whip up a classic chocolate cake or this scrummy Mango and Passion Fruit Coconut Cake?

Pure Perfect Baking is available in selected Waitrose stores and on the Ocado website. We hope that you enjoy baking with Pure Perfect Baking as much as we do! Don’t forget to share your GBBO inspired bakes with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We always love to hear from future Star Bakers!