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I Want to be Healthier

Although it may seem like there is lots of conflicting advice on what makes a healthy diet, most experts do agree on the essentials. The good news is that eating healthily really doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are the Department of Health’s top 8 tips, followed by a more detailed look at how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Dairy Free Breast Feeding Advice

A big concern of dairy free involves babies and breastfeeding. Mothers that avoid milk often worry if their child is receiving enough nutrients, while others wonder if their baby has a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance.

Five Favourite Dairy Free Meals

The UK has a rich culinary heritage, with classic ingredients and ancient recipes still enjoyed by many of us today. And along with our traditional English dishes, we’re continuously introduced to international delicacies, creating a truly vibrant and versatile gastronomic experience that makes day-to-day meals so enjoyable.