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Find your new favourite vegan Instagrammer

To celebrate World Vegan Day, we have put together a highlight of our favourite Instagrammers whose vegan dishes makes us drool on a daily basis.

Everyone’s doing it. Or at least talking about it. Yes, that’s right, veganism has never been more popular. Already on the rise thanks to environmental concerns, living a lifestyle without any animal products has become even more commonplace in 2020 as the pandemic encouraged more of us to prioritise healthy eating.

With a vegan butchery set to open in London next month, even our Christmas dinner plates may look slightly different this year.

To celebrate World Vegan Day (1st November 2020), we have put together a highlight of our favourite Instagrammers whose creativity with vegan dishes makes us drool on a daily basis.

Flying the flag for the UK, no vegan list would be complete without @fearnecotton. A trailblazer not only on social media (she is of course also an accomplished author, TV and radio presenter!) look no further for aesthetically-pleasing recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Need more ideas for mealtimes? This Instagrammer never fails to bring something new to the table. @rgveganfood is a perfect follow if you are in need of some inspiration to fill your meal planner!

Sean O’Callaghan aka @fatgayvegan is a king of the vegan blogging world. Helpful without being preachy, Sean focuses on how to incorporate vibrant and delicious vegan recipes into your lifestyle. He isn’t averse to including ‘dirty vegan’ indulgent vegan junk food options too! #winning

Canadian-based author, award-winning blogger and Instagram mogul @ohsheglows posts colourful and abundant vegan dishes – warning, do not look at her page if your fridge isn’t full and your tummy is rumbling!

Based in California, Sara aka @sproutedkitchen makes feeding your vegan family easy with nourishing, crowd pleasing suggestions. Deft with words as well as recipes, you’ll fall in love with her ‘famalam’ as well.

Have you come across @linda_lomelino? This Swedish flexitarian is a perfect follow for the budding vegan, showcasing vegan recipes as well as non-vegan treats. The photography alone is worth it!

No round up of vegan influencers can end without featuring German based @elavegan. With over 1 million followers she started her vegan journey back in 2011 focusing on the health benefits for body, mind and soul.

And finally, we’re sure you already are of course, but do make sure you follow @purefreefrom! Largely vegan, our feed will give you all the inspo for living a Pure and delicious, dairy-free lifestyle.

Enjoy world vegan month and don’t forget to tag us in your photos!