Baking season is here! - Pure Free From

Baking season is here!

With the laughs being provided by Noel and Matt and our favourite judges Paul and Prue ensuring
the new set of bakers turn out amazing technicals and showstoppers, hands up if the return of Bake
Off has made your 2021?

We’re excited for what’s to come in the tent and it won’t be long before we’re placing bets on who
will receive the first Hollywood handshake and our favourites for the final. With Peter’s sweet
ambition and Laura’s one liners still in our memories from 2020, we can’t wait to meet the 12 new
wannabe champions!

Being dairy-free or vegan doesn’t have to mean bland bakes, you can have your cake and eat it!
While we don’t know if Vegan Week is making a return to GBBO this year (not seen since 2018), we
can confirm that Pure Free From spreads are the perfect baking friends if dairy isn’t for you.

Choose from Pure Sunflower, Olive, Buttery Taste or our Slightly Salted block, all wonderful, creamy,
with butter-like flavour, without a hint of dairy in sight. Yes, really!

Also, remember to share your GBBO inspired bakes with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram over
the next couple of months!

You’re right Channel 4; life is definitely looking sweeter!